Pending Adoptions

These cats are pending adoption which usually means they have been matched with their forever family but the appointment to complete the adoption at PetSmart is pending. 


CMCR 1141



Age: Approximately 6 month old as of May 4, 2021

Date Available: PENDING

This is from her foster mom:

Helena is an amazing kitten. She and her littermates were really sick and had to deal with a lot of poking and prodding when they were tiny. Her ‘mates have since been able to let the childhood traumas go and move on, but Helena is no dummy, she made absolute certain that we were friend-not-foe before she let us have the full kitty-approval experience. Her little nudges and purrs feel like hard-earned rewards for our unflinching love and patience. As any self-respecting feline would, though, she’s become drunk with power. She laughs at our desperation for her to come close and settle next to us, to let us stroke her soft fur; meanwhile she literally throws herself at our other animals-while making eye contact with us-who all but ignore her. We don’t take it personally because we know she’s gonna do what she wants, when she wants, and we respect that. We see her watching us, following us around the house (at ‘safe’ distance) wanting to be a part of everything. If we wanted blind, unconditional love and devotion we didn’t have to actually earn we’d just get a dog! She is goofy and playful but knows how to relax. She will probably always be a little flighty, but she’s not like, rude about it. Helena loves other animals. She will need a real companion kitty to sleep with and play with. She will need time to settle into her home. Her family will need to understand her quirks and gave patience but it will be so worth it!! Mature kids with kitty experience is a must.

Adoption Fee: $160


CMCR 1289


Black torti

Age: Approximately 14 weeks old as of May 4, 2021

Date Available: PENDING

Reese is a companion kitten and a snuggler. She will hop up on any available lap and start purring. She is not shy and is easily approached or picked up. She is playful and fun and likes to climb the cat tree. 

Reese loves her people and will be happiest in a family that are home most of the time. She would enjoy a companion kitty or would be fine as an only cat as long as her people are very attentive and she isn't left alone. 

Adoption Fee: $160

Spice and June

CMCR 1285 & 1292


Grey tabby and tabby with white

Age: Approximately 13 weeks old as of April 24, 2021

Date Available: ADOPTED

Spice and June are social, playful, energetic, and well adjusted kittens. The like their cat tree, kitty tunnel, and fuzzy toys. 

Spice loves to carry her toys around and is often found growling possessively over them in a cute and adorable kitten way. They both love to snuggle, but right now they love to run around and play more than be held. Both kittens are good with kids and mellow, cat-friendly dogs. They also have great litter box manners and good appetites.

Adoption Fee: $320


Please visit our adoptions page where you will find a link to our adoption application. 

We have 18 kitties who need a forever home and if you let us know what you are looking for, we can try to match you with the perfect kitty that meets all of your wants and needs. 

Available: PENDING

Adoption fee: $140-160