Pending Adoptions

These cats are pending adoption which usually means they have been matched with their forever family but the appointment to complete the adoption at PetSmart is pending. 


CMCR 1224 


Medium hair orange tabby

Age: Approximately 10 1/2 months old as of February 25, 2021


Gingy is thriving in his busy foster home. He loves the activity of kids, other cats and gets along with everyone. Loud noises don't scare him, but don't try to grab him, that is scary! 

Gingy is a cuddler and a lap kitty. He loves to be held and told what a good kitty he is. He is a talker and has a loud and contented purr. 

He would be fine as the only cat in the home as long as there are respectful kids and lots of activity. He would not be happy in a quiet home or if his people went away to work leaving him alone. 

 Gingy is a mannerly and tidy cat content to be a big part of the family. He has really big paws and is still growing.

Adoption Fee: $160

Heidi and Addie

CMCR 1229 and 1161 



Age: Approximately 5 1/2 months old as of February 26, 2021

Date Available: PENDING

Heidi and Addie are not sisters yet have become very close and connected in their foster home. They could not be more different, yet they are very close and bring out the best in each other. 

These kittens have traveled all the way from Tennessee for a better life. 

Heidi is very outgoing, playful, social, and snuggly. She would adjust to just about any home she was in as long as her people are very attentive and available to play. 

Addie is much more reserved and takes time to warm up. She is shy around new people and needs lots of stability. One she gets comfortable she is sweet, loving cuddly and playful. 

These girls sleep together, eat together and play together. Their ideal home together will have lots of stability, windows, and a person or family to snuggle with. Heidi will need lots of family playtime and Addie will need consistency and a fairly calm home. 

Adoption Fee: $320


CMCR 1212


Black medium hair

Age: Approximately 1 year old as of February 10, 2021


Flossie is coming to Oregon from Tennessee after starting life pretty rough. By the time she was rescued, she was sick, covered in fleas and just skin and bones. She was so frightened she completely shut down. 

Since then she has been in a wonderful and loving foster home where all her physical and emotional needs have been met. She has slowly come out of her shell and is a great cat – quite a character in fact!

Flossie does not hesitate to tell you what she needs. She is very talkative with a funny old cat voice. She will be a true companion cat. She will follow her person everywhere, when she chooses to, of course! Working from home? She will lay on your keyboard. In the kitchen? She will also be your helper. Sitting on the couch or sleeping? Yup, she will be right with you making biscuits or demanding a belly rub. You may find yourself needing to pack her around like a baby – she will love that! She will also tell you when she needs her own space. She will be the house Diva!

Flossie has a few quirks, one being, she is a very selective eater. It is recommended she be given the food she is currently eating as she is a tiny little thing who is still putting on needed weight.

Because of Flossie's rough beginning, it is to be expected that she will shut down and hide for a few days. Her person will need to give her a small space at first, spending plenty of time with Flossie and chatting. After time, she can be given the run of the house letting her explore in her own way and time. Before you know it Flossie will be greeting your house guests and looking to them for belly rubs!

Flossie is quite demanding of your time. She will do best as the only pet in a very stable and quiet home without children where she can live out her days as the queen.

Adoption Fee: $140


CMCR 1186


Grey and white tabby

Age: Approximately 16 years old as of February 4, 2021


JJ is a declawed sweet old guy looking for love and companionship in a new forever home. 

He was surrendered when his owner could no longer care for him. He is shy at first, but once he is comfortable he looks for pets by putting his paw on your leg. He will also follow you around the house and would love to be your napping buddy. JJ loves warm heater vents and sunbeams. 

He will like a quiet home best but is also good with respectful children and gentle cats. 

JJ has great litter box manners, but a high-sided litter box is a necessity as he is an exuberant scratcher!

*JJ has been declawed**

Adoption Fee: $60