These cats are either Pending Adoption or Coming Soon.

The cats that are Pending Adoption usually mean they have been matched with their forever family but the appointment to complete the adoption at PetSmart is pending. 

The cats that are Coming Soon will soon be available for adoption, and if you have interest in one of these cats, please contact us for more information.

Vesper + Layne (BONDED PAIR)

CMCR 1801 + 1386


Black DSHs

Age: Approximately 10-12 months old as of Match 3, 2021


These young cats are an absolute delight! They are fun, playful, adventurous, friendly and love humans!

Vesper and Layne are friends and companions who met in their foster home. These two look like brothers but they aren’t. Vesper is 10 months and Layne is 12 months old.

Vesper is a lover. He enjoys under the chin scritches, and throwing himself down on your lap or at you feet. He enjoys playing with sticks toys, but he really loves chasing Layne, who keeps up with his energy and pace. This handsome boy loves to sleep with his humans, but also absolutely loves his tall cat tree with bed, towers and cubbies. From the tall perches Vesper has a great view of birds and squirrels - a really delightful diversion diversion.

Layne is an all sold black kitty with an adventurous spirit. He is very playful and loves his toys and romping through the house with his bestie, Vesper. When Layne gets the zoomies, you willed to need to watch your toes because he will race through the house, often with Vesper in his heels. After a good romp, Layne also loves bird watching and cat napping in the cat tree. Layne is very sweet, loves to be pet and greatly enjoys his humans.

Layne and Vesper are sweet young kitties that are looking for a forever family that understands and respects these boys need to play, but also understands that they need to be kept safely inside.

They are looking for a family that really wants them as beloved family. Both both are pretty easy and have good litter box manners.

Adoption fee: $350

Raisin & Figora (BONDED PAIR)

CMCR 1895/1894


Raisin - Tortoiseshell / Fig - Brown Tabby

Age: Approximately 7.5 months as of February 20th, 2022

Date Available: PENDING ADOPTION through our foster to adopt program

Fig and Raisin are 7.5 month old bonded sisters. These sisters are a kick in the pants! They are very bonded, crying when the other isn’t near, yet they can bicker as siblings do!

Fig is especially spicy! She can snuggle with the mild dogs in the household, then out of nowhere she’ll give a little whack to show who is boss! She is also a total love bug and is very sweet! Her foster mom says Fig will give you kisses when you smooch at her - it is just the cutest thing! She is the definition of a true lap cat.

Raisin also loves cuddling and getting pets, but isn’t quite as demanding - she is the more passive of the two kittens. These sisters really enjoy respectful children. Older children are recommended as younger children are loud and a bit unpredictable, so therefore kind of scary.

A note regarding Fig. She had a reoccurring rectal prolapse as a kitten for three months and has had surgeries for this condition. It has been fully repaired and she has been cleared by the vet. On occasion, mostly stressful situations, Fig can experience short episodes of diarrhea. She has medication for this, plus a specific diet that really helps.

Fig and Raisin are really lovely kittens that would be most happy as the only cats in the home. Passive dogs are ok, but they will need to know Fig is in charge! Raisin and Fig will do best in a mellow home with time to settle in slowly.

Adoption fee: $350


CMCR 1528


Tabby with white

Age: Approximately 1 year old as of January 12, 2022

Date Available: PENDING ADOPTION through Foster to Adopt Program

Like so many wonderful pet cats, Ariel had a rough start and spent what was supposed to be the last months her childhood, pregnant and homeless. Her 6 little cuties are all settled in to permanent homes, so she’s ready for her chance at the good life.

She’s gonna take a while-maybe 2 weeks, 6 months, a year? You will have to be patient. And next thing you know, all that energy, patience, and love will pay off. Earning an untrusting cat’s trust builds a bond unlike any other based on respect and compassion that they won’t forget. 

Scaredy cats do best in quiet spaces where there’s limited hiding options, where they can have their own little safe perch, and in situations that won’t change significantly for at least a year. 

Apply to find out more about her and to see if your situation would be right for her!

Adoption fee: $165


CMCR 1861


Black and White Tuxedo Short Hair

Age: Approximately 3 months old as of March 21st, 2022

Date Available: PENDING ADOPTION through our Foster to Adopt Program

Oscar is a male tuxedo with an adorable soul patch on his small chin. Oscar is very outgoing, playful and rambunctious. He has excellent litter box manners. He is friendly and snuggly, once he has worn himself out playing. He adapts quickly to new experiences and did we mention that he loves to play? Oscar would love a kitty playmate to keep up with him, but he is also able to entertain himself. He would not be happy alone all day without a friend around, either cat or human. He loves companionship!

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR 1848


Black and White Tuxedo Short Hair

Age: Approximately 2.5 months as of March 1st, 2022

Date Available: PENDING ADOPTION through the Foster to Adopt Program

Jaq is an adventurous boy looking for a curious home to have fun in and become family. Jaq will find shenanigans to get into anywhere. If there are no shenanigans to be had, shenanigans will be made. A scavenger, a scamp, a predatory drama llama. Jaq would be classified as chaotic neutral and loves to be held. If you have long hair, Jaq will be in it. If you have a watering can, Jaq will be in it. If you own it, Jaq will be in it.

This kitten will require an experienced cat owner: someone with a sense of humor and who doesn't mind the absolute ruckus that this kitten will bring, in return for the most affectionate and forceful love one can expect from a feline.

Jaq is always ready to eat, too. Jaq will need someone who can keep an eye on his food intake and weight as he grows… he is currently a little lean. Jaq is litter trained, and is in the progress of learning how to use the kitty tree for shedding his claws, and is currently being taught that furniture is not an obstacle course, which the new owner will need to reinforce by providing a few things for Jaq to climb and get the zoomies out on, such as an old throw rug for him to wrestle, a kitty tree or two, or some adventure shelving.

If you want a lot of laughs and want a cat that will be involved in everything you do, and I do mean that literally, come meet Jaq! Especially if you think him making an Olympic dive into our garbage can as I was throwing something away a little bit hilarious.

He loves the dog. Our dog is tolerant because he's raised over 40 fosters at this point, but Jaq will push his luck with other animals. If you have another pet, it might be wise to consider whether they would be okay with a kitten pestering them or if they'd be too stressed. Jaq is a handful of joy, but a handful nonetheless!

Adoption Fee: $160

Bobby Girl & Tony (BONDED PAIR)

CMCR 1822 / 1821


Tan/brown/black Tabby Sisters

Age: Approximately 2 year old as of February 10, 2022

Date Available: COMING SOON

These two are sisters and very much alike. Bobby Girl (bottom photo) is a bit braver than Tiny, and is a lap cat. Both are very affectionate and stand on hind legs or arch their back to meet your hand for a pet. Once they get comfortable in their home, they will follow you around the house and stay near by when you settle.

They love a sunbeam, soft beds and affection. They are very mild mannered and get along with other friendly cats. They will do best in a calm environment.

Adoption fee: $300