These cats are either Pending Adoption, on Hold, or Coming Soon.

The cats that are Pending Adoption usually mean they have been matched with their forever family but the appointment to complete the adoption at PetSmart is pending. 

The cats that are on hold have gotten multiple applications and we are taking them offline so we can work with the current applications first to see if one will make the perfect home.

The cats that are Coming Soon will soon be available for adoption, and if you have interest in one of these cats, please contact us for more information.


CMCR #2606


DSH - Brown Tabby

Approximate Age: 11 weeks old as of 6-11-23

Date Available: HOLD


Winks is a gorgeous tabby, with a tiny little bend at the tip of his tail, and would love a home where he gets to play, explore indoors, and receive lots of attention.

Winks is an adorable, ultra playful, curious and well-socialized kitten who is ready to find his forever home.

Winks seems to be the most curious kitten in his litter - he loves chasing the laser pointer, leaping in mid-air, and daring to go where other kittens haven't yet dared to go.

Winks is very active and would love a playmate - could be another kitten or a human. He's good with the litter box and has lots of positive exposure and comfort with kids.

 Adoption Fee -$175


CMCR #2619


DSH - Blue eyed DSH buff with pale apricot striped body and dark apricot stripes on head and tail

Approximate Age: 1 year old

Available: HOLD  

 Redford is so handsome and unique! He has a special color combination that is both delicate and dynamic.

Redford is a talkative, vocal cat. He wants to be with his person(s) and purrs when he gets love and attention. He enjoys being held and will sit on a shoulder or carried around.

He doesn’t seem to mind other cats, and might enjoy a friendly playmate.

Adoption fee: $175

Tiny Boy

CMCR #2253


DMH – Black

Approximate Age: 7.5 months as of May 22nd, 2023

Date Available – HOLD

Want a cooking companion? Someone to prepare and eat salad with? Tiny is your kitty! 

He loves to be right where his person is - he will also want to sample the fare you and he have prepared together. 

 Don't bother closing him out of any interior door, Tiny Boy will want to follow you to every room of the house. 

 If you want a welcoming committee to greet guests, Tiny Boy is that guy. He loves a good lap and a cuddle from everyone. 

Tiny Boy is an extremely loving and curious kitten with a load of love to give to his humans. He is looking for a stable loving home he can call his forever.

He loves to cuddle and be involved with his humans, his favorite thing to do is to play with crinkly toys and snuggle with his foster mom. 

He will definitely want to sleep with or on his people at night.

 He has a BIG voice and is very interactive; having his own ideas and desires for lots of snuggle and human interaction time.

Tiny Boy will be a wonderful addition to a home that can give him the love, time, and stability he desires. He would be most happy if his humans were home a lot of time and available for snuggles.

Tiny would be most happy as a single kitty or with another friendly, mellow and welcoming kitty that would enjoy some playtime.

Tiny has shown curiosity to the very mellow and quiet older dog in his foster home.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2065


DLH - Tan/Black/Chocolate Tabby

Approximate Age: 9.5 months old as of March 15, 2023

Date Available: HOLD

Snacks is a nearly one-year-old, magically fluffy and petite girl. She is gentle and playful, and when you cradle her she turns to mush and purrs. She is the cutest thing ever!

The catch is: well, you have to catch her. Her foster family works day by day to re-program her instincts to not run away from people. They will make sure her that new family knows how to keep her on the right track and continue to progress.

A quiet, calm and stable home with with other friendly kitties and not many places to hide will be necessary for this timid girl. She will need a friendly, playful and welcoming kitty pal to show her the ropes as she enjoys other cats and friendly dogs, but takes time to warm up to people. She will be an excellent companion for another lonely kitty.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2064


Domestic Medium Hair - Tabby

Approximate Age: 7 months as of January 15th, 2023

Date Available: PENDING ADOPTION in the FTA program

Truffle is a young, playful, cuddly boy looking for a home with other furry friends to love. His current foster home has three cats and a small dog and he wants nothing more than to be everyone’s bestie.

He is soft and fluffy and purrs constantly. He is a sensitive and gentle kitty that will take a little time to get comfortable, but once he does you’ll wonder what you did without him!

Truffle grooms himself well, and is a good litter box user.

Adoption fee: $175