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At Cat’s Meow Cat Rescue, we don’t adopt kittens or cats on a “first-come-first-served” basis. There’s a process we follow to help match each kitty to the best home possible!

**Featured Cat**


CMCR #2478


DSH - Black and White

Approximate Age: 10 months old as of March 5th, 2023

Date Available: NOW!

Pula is a sweet, gentle kitty that has had a rough start to his young life. He was someone’s kitty until they moved and left him behind to fend for himself. Since his rescue, Pula is now happily enjoying the creature comforts of living indoors in his foster home. He is a total love-bug that enjoys a good pet, especially on his head. He also loves his belly rubbed and will reward you with gentle head-butts.

Pula's very interested in the crows and squirrels outside and goes running to the window when he hears the crows cawing. He finds this hugely entertaining.

When he hears a crow or sees a squirrel he will bound from across the room and jump onto the window sill to watch the show outside.

Pula’s foster family believes he would really like a friendly, welcoming kitty to companion with. So far he doesn’t play with toys very much, but does like the laser light and he absolutely loves catnip!

He is a kitty that would love to have his people around a lot and to be able to share their beds and all aspects of family life. He is not overly fond of closed doors - he really just wants to be with his family.

Pula will take a little time to settle into a new home and decompress from the move. He has had a lot of changes in his young life and he will like a family to give him some time and consideration to feel comfortable and get to know his new family and home.

Pula has been around nice children and responds well. He is not overly fond of dogs.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2496


DSH - Black and White

Approximate Age: 8 months old on March 15th, 2022

Date Available: NOW @ Happy Valley PetSmart - 

9450 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97086

Berlin is a quiet kitten who is fearful in new surroundings, but once settled in she is affectionate and sweet. She enjoys cuddling and getting pets and would like a home that is stable and predictable. She will enjoy snuggles with her person and other cats in bed and doing other family activities once she is settled in and comfortable.

Berlin will do best being adopted into a home with another welcoming cat that she can companion with and who can show her the ropes.

She has not been around children, but she is gentle so should do well with gentle children.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2495


DSH - White and Black

Approximate Age: 2.5 years old

Date Available: NOW @ Happy Valley PetSmart - 

9450 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97086

Escada is a friendly cat. It is nice to have a conversation with her: If you talk to her, she meows back! She will come and sit by you on the couch. She will press her head against yours and gives gentle headbutts of affection. She likes close contact and will want to be where her person is.

Escada has decided she wants to be the one and only pet in the home. She is grumpy and hissy to other cats, even familiar ones, so a home where she will always be an only pet is necessary.

She hasn’t been around children, but has an easygoing personality towards people, so should do fine with gentle children. She has good house manners.

Adoption fee: $165

Charlie & Doodle Dodds (BONDED PAIR)

CMCR #2231 & #2410


DSH Black & DSH Tabby- black/tan/white

Approximate Age: 10 month old & 5 months old

Date Available: NOW @ Cascade Station PetSmart -

9721 NE Cascades Pkwy, Portland, OR 97220

Charlie and Doodle Dodds have become best buddies. Doodle has helped Charlie become more confident. Doodle gets Charlie to explore, play and wrestle.

Doodle is an outgoing kitten once he acclimates to a new environment. He is playful and affectionate. He seeks out someone to cuddle him.

Charlie wants to be petted but fear can keep him hidden. Doodle has helped coax him out. Once you earn Charlie’s trust, he will reward you with his beautiful purr and enjoy pets and being held.

These boys have excellent house manners and will bring joy to the person or family that gets to take them home.

Adoption fee: $350


CMCR #2065


DLH - Tan/Black/Chocolate Tabby

Approximate Age: 9.5 months old as of March 15, 2023

Date Available: NOW!

Snacks is a nearly one-year-old, magically fluffy and petite girl. She is gentle and playful, and when you cradle her she turns to mush and purrs. She is the cutest thing ever!

The catch is: well, you have to catch her. Her foster family works day by day to re-program her instincts to not run away from people. They will make sure her that new family knows how to keep her on the right track and continue to progress.

A quiet, calm and stable home with with other friendly kitties and not many places to hide will be necessary for this timid girl. She will need a friendly, playful and welcoming kitty pal to show her the ropes as she enjoys other cats and friendly dogs, but takes time to warm up to people. She will be an excellent companion for another lonely kitty.

Adoption fee: $175

Tiny Boy

CMCR #2253


DMH – Black

Approximate Age: 5 months weeks as of March 6th, 2023

Date Available – Now!

Tiny Boy is a loving and curious kitten with a load of love to give. He is looking for a stable, forever home as he has come through recently being abandoned. Tiny would be most happy as a single kitty or with one other friendly and welcoming pet as he can be aprehensive around other animals. He really just needs time to feel safe around other animals and he is very gentle and passive.

He loves to cuddle and be involved with his humans and his favorite thing to do is to play with krinkly toys and snuggle with his foster mom. He has a BIG voice and is very interactive, having his own ideas and desires for lots of snuggles and cuddles. He will be a wonderful addition to a home that can give him the love, stability and consistency he desires.

Adoption fee: $175

Timon and Pumba (BONDED PAIR)

CMCR #2491 and #2492

Male Brothers

Timon - DSH - Black/White

Pumba - DSH - Black/Gray/White tabby

Approximate Ages: 6 months old as of March 12th, 2023

Available: NOW!

Timon and Pumba are bonded brothers and very close. When they can’t find each other they cry, and if they locate each other and the door is closed, they both cry until they are reunited. They love to chase each other and wrestle and then, when they get sleepy, often cuddle together for naps.

Timon is very affectionate with humans and loves pets and snuggles and prefers sleeping in bed or on the couch cuddled up to his favorite human. He also will stand on his back legs, rest both paws gently on a human's leg, and look adorable until he gets the attention he wants. He is very easy to fall in love with and will capture the hearts of all the humans in the house. With kitties he doesn't know, he can be hissy and take some time to stop the hissy behavior, however he never tries to fight them.

Pumba is also very affectionate with humans and loves to be picked up, held like a baby and given pets and snuggles. He has an intense love for toys, especially toys that squeak and ones full of catnip. He is very curiosity about what humans are eating and will do what he can to get closer to whatever they have. With kitties he doesn't know, he can be hissy for a few days, although not aggressive, and warms up to all the kitties soon, even touching noses, playing and napping with them. Some kitties he becomes friends immediately, but he definitely has a preference for humans and for his brother.

Both kittens have wonderful litter box manners and never have accidents. They have an intense love for Churu Inaba and Temptation treats and will come running when they realizes other kitties are getting treats. They are also quite vocal and will let the humans know what they want, which is usually human attention, kitty food, treats or because the other brother is out of sight.

Much of their energy comes from their young age and is common with young kitties. These boys were living under a deck when they were rescued and they definitely love the indoor life with humans. They are so much fun and really love humans. They are an entertaining addition to the home and will quickly fill their human's hearts with love.

Adoption fee: $350


CMCR # 2351


DSH - Black

Approximately 1.5 years old as of March 10, 2023

Available : Now!

Panther is a wonderful cat who is done being a mama and is ready for her own family. She has really blossomed since she only herself to look after now.

Panther was taken in by a lovely family who rescued her and her baby daughter when they were out in the cold and wet last winter. She was so loved by the girls in the family, but they could not keep her.

Panther is a neat and tidy little lady that prefers privacy when using the litter box. She will prefer a stable and fairly calm home, and ideally she would love her own gentle and sweet teen girls to love. She really enjoys her cat tree and being brushed. She loves to play and really loves her cat toys; she hopes her humans will be her playmate.

Panther is a loving girl who will need some time to decompress in her new home while she learns the lay of the land and gets to know her new family. Given time and consideration, she will blossom.

Panther generally gets along ok with other cats if they are friendly, unless she is jealous, or there is a spot she feels is her spot. We think she would be most happy as an only cat, but a young mild-mannered kitten might be ok too.

Adoption fee: $165


CMCR #2224


Tortoiseshell Tabby

Approximate Age: 13 years old

Date Available: NOW

Snickers is an easy going cat that doesn’t mind gentle children and mellow dogs. She is fine being an only cat, but has been fine with other gentle kitties in her foster homes.

Snickers is affectionate and wants to be where her person is. She loves to snuggle and cuddle and is a great lap kitty.

Her ideal home is with her person's lap available a lot and plenty of cuddle time and quiet predictability.

Snickers has hyperthyroidism which is controlled with daily medication which she doesn’t mind receiving.

Adoption fee: $50


CMCR #2152


DSH – Dilute Tortoiseshell

About 1 year 3 months old as of February 13th, 2023

Date Available - NOW!

Marceline came to us very pregnant. It was clear she had been surviving outside on her own for quite some time. Thankfully she made her way to a local farmer who fed her and reached out to us. This lovely mama was clearly someone's pet at one time as she is so sweet and affectionate.

On her second night in her foster home, Marceline gave birth to six perfect babies. Now, all of her babies have found homes, so Marceline is ready for a forever home of her own.

Marceline lives for cheek and chin scratches and loves to be around her people. As she walks around the house, she occasionally trills and chirps, an adorable characteristic! She is always happy to see her foster family and is quite social.

Marceline really dislikes other cats and dogs and is looking for a low key home to call her own and her own people around to love on.

Marceline is an unusual mix of orange and browns with black slippers, and the softest mink-like fur. She needs a slow and soft touch at first, as she was outside and has a bit of nervousness we are still working on. She warms up very quickly though, and is so happy once she’s in her own environment where she feels safe.

Marceline just wants companionship and affection, and she happily returns it with love. She will need to always be an only pet, with her people around a lot to make her a true and beloved member of the family. Due to her hard life outside, Marceline must be an indoor-only kitty.

Marceline needs a quiet, calm and predictable home. A life with lots of changes would be hard for her.

Adoption fee: $165

Super Nova & Kiki (BONDED PAIR)

CMCR #2208 & #2209


Super Nova - DSH - Brown and White 

Kiki - DSH - Brown Tabby

Approximate Age: 10 months old as of March 10th, 2022

Date Available: NOW

Super Nova and Kiki were rescued from a hard young life and are ready to be safe and home. They take a while to trust new people at first. Once they get comfortable with you both love pets and treats. They will even allow some cuddles and holding. Super Nova will need to be in the mood and she isn't playing, but Kiki is turning into a great lap kitty. Just know this will take time, and patience. 

Super Nova has one of the most unique coloring of a cat we have seen. She appears to be black and white but is actually a beautiful shade of dark brown! Super Nova is an explorer and quite curious, she is a busy little girl, that loves to play! She loves wresting with her sister the most.

Kiki is quite outgoing and will come right over for pets and treats. Kiki is quite the talker and follows her foster mom around the house. She is a smart little girl and will come running when she is called.

These kitties are not a fan of loud noises or fast movements, so would be most comfortable in a calm and quiet home without children. They are fine with the gentle dog and grumpy old cat in her foster family's home. These girls love each other and are excited to go home together.

Adoption fee: $300