Cats Available For Adoption

These cats are available to adopt. For information and instructions please see the main Adoptions page.


Please visit our adoptions page where you will find a link to our adoption application. 

We have 18 kitties who need a forever home and if you let us know what you are looking for, we can try to match you with the perfect kitty that meets all of your wants and needs. 

Available: NOW

Adoption fee: $140-160


CMCR 1215


Grey tuxedo

Age: Approximately 1.5 years old as of February 27, 2021

Date Available: NOW 

Credence is a large, cuddly, teddy bear. He loves kids, is gentle, relaxed, outgoing and fearless. He loves being around people and we think he would be fine with dogs, but we have never really seen for sure. 

He will not be a good companion to another pet as he really prefers to be with people. He would be great as the only pet in the home, but I think he would enjoy having children too, as they offer lots of love and cuddles.  

Adoption Fee: $140


CMCR 1142



Age: Approximately 14 weeks old as of February 27, 2021

Date Available: NOW 

Bozeman is a ball of energy, and you can tell by his sleek physique. He jumps and flips for toys like a little energizer bunny. His killer predator persona melts when he wants affection. He loves his mama, Montana (also available for adoption), and his foster family of dogs and cats. 

He is still coming out of his shell so his new family will need to be gentle and patient with him. Bozeman will be happiest with a friendly, playful, and welcoming pet friend. He isn’t super cuddly, but he makes up for that with his fun and playful spirit and love of a good head pet.

Adoption Fee: $160


CMCR 1143



Age: Approximately 14 weeks old as of February 27, 2021

Date Available: NOW 

Dillon is tiny but mighty! He is feisty with his bigger siblings but melts when you pick him up or rub his belly. His little cartoon face will grab your attention and his hilarious personality will have you hooked for life. He adores his mama, Montana (also available for adoption!) and loves a feather string toy. 

Dillon will be most happy with a friendly, welcoming and playful pet in the home. Older, respectful kids are ok too.

Adoption Fee: $160


CMCR 1140



Age: Approximately 1 year old as of February 27, 2021

Date Available: NOW

This is what Montana's foster family has to say about her.

We’ve mostly seen Montana as a protective mama of her brood, but we can tell she’s ready to be the star and bond with a person or family of her own. She is very affectionate, gentle, and sweet, and loves to play in short sessions. At her foster home she hasn’t enjoyed being picked up and held but she is polite about it. She is mostly a floor-layin’ kinda gal, not much of a climber. She’s very contented and easy to please and she is not fearful of other dogs or cats. 

Montana’s ideal home would be one where she is the only kitty. She has had to compete for affection for a long time and would love to be someone’s one and only love.

Adoption Fee: $160


Miss Charlie

CMCR 1226


Tabby with white

Age: Approximately 3 year old as of February 27, 2021

Date Available: NOW

Charlie is a former tough girl looking to hang up her leather jacket and pack away her switchblades. She’s ready for the quiet life. Charlie enjoys sleeping on pillows in sunbeams and walking across computer keyboards; but, only when you’re doing important work that hasn’t been saved. Charlie also likes curling up in laps for some love and petting, but don’t worry, she’ll let you know when she’s had enough.

Charlie is ready to be the ONLY cat in your life. She won’t tolerate any other attention seekers.

Charlie is still recovering mentally from her life on the streets. She’s a very sweet and friendly girl but will sometimes swat and bite if she gets over excited or nervous. She’ll need a quieter home with a compassionate parent who’s willing to work on her trust issues with her.

Adoption Fee: $120



CMCR 1148



Age: Approximately 4 months old as of February 6, 2021

Date Available: NOW

Ellie is a high energy, curious, intelligent and playful kitten. She is fearless and spends the day exploring, playing with toys and loving on the resident cats in her foster home. A very social kitty, Ellie would do best in a house that has other friendly cats and maybe even a dog, too! 

Ellie tends to get a little excited with her claws, so a home with older children is preferred. Ellie never causes intentional harm, she is just an excited and playful kitten. She has lots of silly quirks and makes everyone in the house laugh. She is an intense cuddler and loves faces and people! Her purr can be heard all over the house! Ellie is very good with using the litter box and she loves meal time.

Adoption Fee: $160


Roy is back.....

CMCR 1119 


Grey and white

Age: Approximately 5 years old as of February 3, 2021

Date Available: NOW

Roy is a young male cat who was living an indoor/outdoor life when he sustained a severe injury (unknown details) to his right front leg which required amputation in December. He has been in foster care and has totally recovered from the surgery. 

Roy has done amazingly well in learning

to navigate the house, including stairs, and is motivated to jump on the bed to cuddle at night with his person. Roy is very loving and is ready to be held, petted or just close by. 

Roy has excellent house and litter box

manners and will need to be an indoor only cat for the rest of his life. He also

prefers to be the only cat. He loves children and adults.

Adoption Fee: $100

Ms. Panda 

CMCR 1210



Age: Approximately 8 years old as of February 20, 2020

Date Available: NOW

Ms. Panda is an eight year old spayed female who was a happy cat in until several new family members (including children) were added to the household. She could not handle the noise and confusion and preferred to stay outside. This has caused her owner much grief. She wishes for Ms. Panda to be happy.’

Her new foster mom finds Ms. Panda to be very sweet, quiet and a good companion. She has very good little box / house manners. She is enjoying a tranquil calm environment and likes her cat tree.

She will do well in an quiet household of one or two adults.

Adoption Fee: $60

Minny and Sarah 

CMCR 1105 and 1106


Long hair black and short hair tuxedo

Age: Approximately 9 years old as of January 30, 2021

Date Available: NOW

Minny is a sweet little lap cat who will be your constant companion. 

Sarah is a little more nervous, but when she warms up to you she is playful and sweet. She loves to have her head scratched and tummy rubbed, and is active and playful. here girls were in a home together for 9 years until their elderly owners needed to surrender them. 

These girls will need a bit of time and patience to get used to a new home. After that these kitties will be your best buddies. They are both sweet and delicate and love to have their person around. Sarah is a little explorer and likes to check everything out and look out of windows. Minnie is content to be loved and cuddled and is filled with joy when her person comes into the room. They would be perfect best friends for a senior citizen or calm family looking for small, gentle cats.

Adoption Fee: $120

Trout, Barrett and Dael 

CMCR 1078, 1079 and 1080 

Male and female

Tabby with white and tuxedo

Age: Trout and Dael are approximately 7 months old and Barrett is approximately 9 months old as of January 30, 2021

Date Available: NOW

This is from their foster mom. 

 "I want to introduce the three kittens I have been caring for since mid-November. Trout and Dael are brothers, about 7 months old. Barrett was with Trout and Dael, but is probably a month or two older. All three like to hang together and it is my hope they can be adopted together. They are still shy and hide when people come to visit. They will come out if the visitor is quiet and brings treats. 

The kittens, while shy, like to hang out with me. I expect this will be true in their new home too.

Their personalities are so distinct.

Trout is the smallest of the three, but has a big personality to match his black and white fur with pink accents. He is the leader of the group. He was the first to decide that maybe I wasn’t scary after all. He has become a very affectionate lap cat. If he is napping and the other kittens start playing, he is up and playing immediately. He wants to be in the middle of everything.

Dael is the pretty boy with his white fur and gray spots. He is very observant, but still very shy. He likes to be pet but only on his terms. I think he will continue to warm up and become a lap cat. He loves to snuggle with Trout or Barrett.

Barrett is a beautiful girl with her white fur and tabby accents. She loves attention and is very affectionate. When she wants to be pet, she will let you know with head bumps. She has the cutest little chirp too. One more thing she loves—Dael and Trout. She loves to play with them and cuddle for naps.

Favorite games/toys:

They love a fishing pole but quickly destroy the “fish” and the string.

They will chase a laser dot forever

Tearing apart an egg carton

Attacking each other

Batting around a ball—they especially love the knit ones that stick to their claws.


Their litter box manners are good. So good they will kick the litter right out of the box. I now use a high sided box with an entrance on the top.

We are working on a few things: scratching only on designated items and staying off of the table/kitchen counters.

Still hide when people come over but will come out for treats."

Adoption Fee: $300