Cats Available For Adoption

These cats are available to adopt. For information and instructions please see the main Adoptions page.


CMCR #2144


DSH – Black

Approximate Age: 4 months as of September 23rd, 2022

Date Available – NOW available at Cascade Station Pet Smart,

9721 NE Cascades Pkwy, Portland, OR 97220

Yves is a happy cat! His tail is always up and waving as he walks around his domain. He purrs all the time and has a small quiet meow.

Although he plays with his siblings he is mostly independent. He likes toys and cat trees and follow his person(s) around. He gives kisses and loves pets and cuddles.

Adoption fee: $175

Chloe & Teddy Bear (BONDED PAIR)

CMCR #2166 and #167

Female and Male Siblings

DMH - White/Black & Gray/White

Age: Approximately 5 months old as of September 25th, 2022

Date Available: NOW available at Happy Valley PetSmart, 

9450 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97086

This brother and sister duo are the sweetest, cutest pair of kittens who are looking for their own forever home together.

Chloe is an extremely sweet young female who is very curious and loves to sit in the window. Her friendly nature makes it easy to love her. She is a born leader and the first to try anything. She plays well with other kitties, including her brother, who she is very bonded to. She's funny and spunky and will make you laugh with her cute meow that sounds like a bird call. She uses this voice to call her brother back when he wanders. She's a great eater and loves chicken. TV time is her favorite time as long as she can sit on your lap.

Teddy Bear is as cuddly as he is sweet. He just loves to be pet and snuggled. Teddy Bear will seek you out so he can fall at your feet to reveal his belly for a good pet. He especially loves the female person in the house and will give lots of head butts to show his affection. He is a little more reserved than his dominant sister and will wait to eat until she has had her turn. It's best to feed him separately and away from his sister since she likes to eat out of both bowls. Once Teddy warms up to his environment, it's a delight to watch him go.

These two kittens are well adjusted and easy to have around.

They will make your house a home.


Adoption fee: $350

Fern and Wilbur (BONDED PAIR)

CMCR #2040 and CMCR #2038

Male Siblings

DSH – Tabbies

Approximate Age: 4.5 months as of September 24th, 2022

Date Available: NOW

Fern and Wilbur and sweet, fun, outgoing, attention-seeking kittens.

Fern has ultra-soft, light gray short hair with stripes, a leopard spotted belly and smiling eyes. He’s super sweet, friendly, snuggly, affectionate and loves to sit on your lap being petted. He has a gentle, mellow personality, but a loud, powerful purr and demanding meow when not being pet to his heart’s content, or when dinner is late. He can be a bit of an attention hog, and requires lots of love. He also enjoys burrowing in couch cushions and under pillows, wrestling with toys or his siblings, and galloping around the house. Non-stop purr machine

Wilbur has short gray hair with dark gray stripes, a unique kinked tail, and bright curious eyes. He’ll be your best friend and follow you everywhere, always right by your side, and even sit on the edge of the tub while you shower. He has no boundaries and will climb on your shoulders, sit on your head, play with your hair, snuggle up to your face, and give kisses. He’s outgoing, playful, adventurous, and likes to explore every open door, nook and cranny. Your house will be pest-free with Wilbur around - he’s an excellent hunter, and likes to catch and eat spiders and bugs.

Wilbur and Fern would be happiest in a home that can provide constant attention and stimulation.

Adoption fee: $350

Templeton and Charlotte (BONDED PAIR)

CMCR #2039 and CMCR #2037

Male and Female Siblings

Templeton is a DSH – Gray and White Tabby

Charlotte is a DMH – Gray Tabby

Approximate Age: 4.5 months as of September 24th, 2022

Date Available: NOW

Templeton and Charlotte are sweet, fun, playful and energetic kittens.

Charlotte has beautiful, soft, sleek gray medium-length hair, with subtle gray stripes and the tiniest white spot on her chest. She’s spunky, curious, full of energy, likes to run and play non-stop, and slide across the floor, sometimes straight into a wall. She loves to climb, sit in high places, chase and chatter at bugs, and will eat any she catches. She can be affectionate, and likes to snuggle and groom her siblings, and occasionally lick or nibble your hands. She also enjoys sitting in the bathroom sink and drinking from the faucet.

Templeton is a handsome boy with short gray hair, dark striking markings and the features of a tiger. He’s shy, but very sweet, intelligent, and food-motivated. Once he warms up (treats help), he’ll flop down, roll around, rub on you, especially your feet, and headbutt your hand for pets and back scratches. He has an independent streak and growls while he eats or chases toys, but also likes to play and wrestle with his siblings. He enjoys snuggling in his kitty bed making biscuits and sitting in windows, quietly observing squirrels and birds from afar.

Templeton and Charlotte would be happiest in a quiet home with patience and time to adjust.

Adoption fee: $350


CMCR #2154


DSH – Black with a white splotch on chest

Approximate Age: 3 months as of September 22nd, 2022

Date Available: NOW

This is a spunky little alpha female kitty that wants her people all to herself! Spider is playful, spicy, cuddly, ornery and a tad needy. She loves to snuggle with her foster mom and loves her to play with her.

Spider loves any and all toys, treats and her cat tree. She will want to sleep with her family, sometimes, and definitely wants them around.

A family working away from home or sealed off in a home office would not be Spider's preference. She will cry at being left alone.

Small children and other pets would not be a good fit for this little diva. Small and mighty that she is... she has already determined what her home needs should be... An attentive person or couple, open interior doors at all times and no other pets in her indoor-only home.

If Spider sounds like the kitten for you we would love to see your application. We guarantee she won't be boring!

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2050


DSH – Black

Approximate Age: 6 months as of September 15, 2022

Date Available – NOW

Pepper is a shy little lady who has taken her time coming out of her shell while she learns to trust humans. She will trust other house cats before she trusts people, but she is coming along! Pepper takes most of her social ques from other animals, so a friendly, welcoming, social kitty will be a must in her new home.

Pepper loves to play with lasers, anything on a string and to wrestle with her brother. She is currently learning about zoomies, even if it is in the middle of the night! Pepper is an exuberant eater and will run to the sounds of cans being opened, although she will keep her distance and watch, hoping the can is for her! If it's fish of any kind, or ham, Pepper will seek you out, so food is a huge motivator and will help in building a trust relationship with her.

Pepper is a daily bird watcher, so a big window for bird watching will bring her great pleasure. She is a good litter box user, but a box with a lid is important as she is a great digger!

Pepper knows her name and she has recently starting to raise her tail when she is called. She seeks her foster mom out looking for pets and scritches. She will flop on her back to try and get your attention, and she may even chirp at you!

Pepper does well with consistent routines and schedules. She greets her foster mom at the door when she gets home from work and certainly knows when it is feeding time.

A stable, routine-based home that is calm and quiet is what Pepper will thrive in; one with a loving, playful, welcoming and confident kitty to show her the ropes.

Pepper is really a very sweet and special kitten. All she needs is time, patience, a kitty of her own and love. Oh, and a few treats!

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2056


DSH - Brown and White Tabby

Age: Approximately 3.5 months old as of September 15th, 2022

Date Available: NOW

Kovu has the cutest white "socks" on all his feet and a vertical white strip up his head. He isn't interested in being held, but likes sitting on laps.

Kovu can be a bit shy, so approach slowly, especially as you work to get to know each other. He will warm up to people if you give him some time. Kovu will come when you call out, "food time!" a few times.

Kovu has a soft meow, light playfulness and likes strings, small toys and laser pointers. He loves to roll and play around on your shoes. Kovu will need a sunny window so he can sunbathe. He absolutely loves it and is constantly near by windows.

Kovu has grown up with his siblings and a chill dog and cuddles with them. We think he would do well with other animals with a gentle introduction, and will need a friend in his forever home, especially one that can show him the ropes and play with him. He is receptive to other people and children, but will take time to warm up. 

Adoption fee: $175

Snacks and Truffle (BONDED PAIR)

CMCR #2065 and #2064

Female and Male Siblings

DSH - Brown and White Tabbies

Age: Approximately 5 months old as of September 19th, 2022

Date Available: NOW

Snacks and Truffle are 5 month old long-haired tabby siblings. They are both still pretty shy, but you can get them purina and cuddling, (once you catch them).

They should be the only cats in a space for a while so they can properly bond with their new family. These sweet kittens will need kindness and patience as they grow to love and trust their new people. Snacks is more timid than her brother and both will hide when people are moving around, BUT they are really growing and changing and becoming more comfortable with their foster family.

These kittens have great litter box manners and are comfortable around friendly dogs and cats.

Their ideal home will be calm, quiet and predictable, and have lots of windows for bird watching.

Apply to find out more from their foster mom.


Adoption fee: $350

Fisher and Buttersnaps

CMCR # 2132 and CMCR #2133

Male brothers

DSH - Fisher is Buff and white tabby and Buttersnaps is an orange and red tabby

Approximate Age: 6 months old as of September 27th, 2022

Available NOW

Fisher and Buttersnaps are two energetic kittens who love to play and eat. When they are not napping or playing, they will be seeking your attention. They love a good belly and back scratch and cuddling with their humans.

Buttersnaps is the more daring, often first to investigate while Fisher is more cautious preferring to observe before jumping in. Once they are settled in their surroundings, they become very outgoing and lovey.

The kittens will want to sleep with you most of the night, unless they are up and playing. They have big appetites and are not picky eaters; even wondering what you are eating.

These boys will prefer a more calm and predictable home where they have the run of the house. Kids and other cats are ok as long as they are respectful and friendly.

The kittens have exhibited great litter box manners.

Adoption fee: $350


CMCR #2085


DSH - Grey

Age: Approximately 14 weeks old as of August 22, 2022

Date Available: NOW 

Sugar is as sweet as actual sugar. This short-haired lovebug is as social and cuddly as they come. Snuggling with her is like cuddling with a purring ball of cotton. When she isn’t checking in on you, she likes to play and burrow under blankets.

Sugar loves other cats, but needs to always be in a dog-free home as her mother was killed by a dog and she is still scared of them.

Sugar is the perfect companion for a household with respectful children, or anyone who wants a best friend for life. She will truly be a balm to your soul.

Sugar would love to be adopted with a feline friend, but if she is an only kitten she will need an attentive family that has an open bedroom door policy as well as someone home to be with her during the day. She wants a very attentive and loving family that will make her a member of the family.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #1402


Domestic Short Hair - Gray Tabby 

Age: Approximately 1 year 4 months old as of August 4th, 2022

Date Available: NOW

Levi is definitely a team player and gets along well with other cats, with a proper introduction. He happily shares food, sleeping space and is excited to run and play, wrestle and snuggle. He will need a friendly and welcoming kitty as a companion.

He lived with a small dog and also did well.

Levi is friendly with people, on his own terms of course, but will take a little time to warm up. He loves the run of the house and will want to have access to his people at night. He does NOT like a closed inside door.

Levi is also a talker. When something is wrong, he will let his people know and he can be loud. He saves it for important things though, like the breakfast announcement. He is most vocal early in the morning, just until breakfast is served. It would be best if his family are early risers, like Levi!

Levi loves to play with toys too, by himself or with people. We recommend a more calm home for Levi - perhaps with older children and a predictable environment.

Levi is a wonderful cat who has a lot to say and would love a family that can speak his language and understands him. In return, he will be a great addition to the family.

Adoption fee: $165

Josie and Eloise (BONDED PAIR)

CMCR #1975 & #1979


Domestic Short Hair Grey Tabbies

Age: Eloise is approximately 5.5 months old and Josie is approximately 2 years old as of September 27th, 2022.

Date Available: NOW 

Josie and Eloise are a beautiful mother and daughter, gray tabby pair. 

Josie is shy around new places and will likely be timid until she adjust to her new home.  Once she settles in she is very affectionate and seeks out pets, gives headbutts and purrs loudly.  

Eloise loves her mama and has a beautiful outgoing personality. She loves to chase toys and once she is tired, will seek out a cozy lap to snuggle.  

Both kitties have lovely litter box manners. 

These girls are looking for a quiet home where someone can give them time to settle in and build trust to allow their personalities to bloom. They are very attached to one another and can't wait to go to their forever home together. 

Adoption fee: $325


CMCR #2161


DSH – Black/Gray/White Tabby 

Approximate Age: 3 months as of September 24th, 2022

Date Available – Available NOW in our foster-to-adopt program while Lucian awaits his neuter appointment.

Lucian is an adorable, energetic kitten who loves to play, climb, wrestle and pounce on everything! He is bold and curious, always the first one to run out the door or check out new things. He loves playing with toys and wrestling with his siblings.

Lucian is affectionate and loves attention and pets in between playtime. He loves his wet food and he loves meal time.

Lucian has met the other cats in his foster family's home and the family dog, and he is ready to be friends with all of them. We think Lucian would love another pet to befriend, like one of his siblings, another friendly cat or potentially a cat friendly dog.

He is a very sweet and adventurous little guy.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2160


DSH – Gray

Approximate Age: 3 months as of September 24th, 2022

Date Available – Available NOW in our foster-to-adopt program while Luka awaits her spay appointment.

Luka is a follower and an observer. The most cautious and reserved of her litter, Luka lets her siblings try new things first and she watches. She is a smart little girl. She was the first kitten to figure out how to get up on the bathroom counter and she actually watches TV!

She loves to play with toys and wrestle with her brothers, but she is also mellow. Once Luka warms up, she is very affectionate and social. She loves to be petted and will tolerate being held, but she doesn't LOVE it.

She enjoys looking out the window at birds and squirrels.

Luka will need to be adopted into a home with another friendly, and welcoming kitty, or with one of her brothers, Marco or Lucian. She enjoys the other cats in her foster home and is a curious, explorer. She will want the run of the house and to be with the other pets.

Luka's fur is soft, like a bunny's.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2162


DSH – Orange and White Tabby

Approximate Age: 3 months as of September 24th, 2022

Date Available – Available NOW in our foster-to-adopt program while Marco awaits his neuter appointment.

Marco is a love bug who wants to be near his human friends. He loves to be petted and meows and weaves around your feet for attention. He will sleep with you on your bed all night long. He likes to be held and cuddled. He loves his wet food and meal time in general.

Marco also loves to play. He enjoys toys, wrestling with his siblings, climbing, and looking out the window. He likes to be involved in everything, like loading the dishwasher, making the grocery list or just visiting the bathroom.

Marco is a social boy who likes both people and other cats. He has done fine meeting the other pets in his foster family's home. I think he would want a companion, whether it be a sibling, another cat or a person who is home a lot.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2127


DSH – Orange Tabby

Approximate Age: 3.5months as of September 24th, 2022

Date Available – Available NOW in our foster-to-adopt program while Mango awaits his neuter appointment.

My love language is physical touch. I am very affectionate and sweet. I insist on sitting on your lap and sometimes can be assertive about getting affection. I have the cutest little chirp when I am feeling playful. I used to be scared of being picked-up, but now really like it. 

I am used to playing with the 4 other kittens that I was rescued with, so would love to go to a family where I can have a play companion.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2079


DSH – Torbie

Approximate Age - 3.5 months as of September 15, 2022

Available – NOW, in our foster-to-adopt program while Ginger awaits her spay appointment.

I am an alpha-female. I am outgoing with a big personality.

I range from being very snuggly and needy to playfully bouncing around with a lot of energy. When I catch a moth, I run around the house growling.

I prefer to go to a home where I can have a very playful play companion that can match my energy without competing for top spot.

I love to hang out with the family and will like to sleep with them too! Kids are ok as long as they are nice to me.

Adoption Fee: $175


CMCR #2099


DSH – Orange and White Tabby

Approximate Age - 3 months as of September 15, 2022

Available – NOW in our foster-to-adopt program while Odie awaits his neuter appointment.

My love language is play. I purr when I am picked-up, and I like attention, particularly when I think you have food.

I prefer to be in the room with you, but I also like my space sometimes. I will cry if you lock me in a room. If you show me love and affection, I become putty in your hands. I might be a little shy at first, but the way to my heart is food, play and love.

I love to romp, wrestle and play and will need a playmate in my new home.

Adoption Fee: $175


CMCR #2097


DSH - Gray and White

Approximate Age: 12 weeks old as of September 7, 2022

Date Available: NOW through the Foster to Adopt Program while Violet awaits her spay appointment.

Meet Miss Violet, a spunky and curious kitten who loves to play. She has a light grey coat with white legs and underside.

Violet loves to play with other active kittens or cats and would benefit greatly by being adopted into a home with other friendly, welcoming and playful kitties.

Violet can still be nervous around people and household activities, but lots of love and snuggles from her new family will help her adapt.

Violet loves her food and eats well. She has mastered the letterbox and has neat box manners.

Violet will prefer a more calm home with sunny window and a family that lets her move around freely but keeps her inside where she is safe.

Adoption fee: $175

Granite and Onyx (BONDED PAIR)

CMCR #2147 & #2148

Female and Male siblings

Approximate Age: 12 weeks old as of September 7, 2022

Granite is a Female DSH - Tabby with mild tortilla markings, 

Onyx is a Male DSH - Black with a spot of white.

Available in our Foster-To-Adopt Program while the kittens awaits their spay and neuter appointments.

Onyx and Granite are a wonderful brother/sister pair. Onyx is a glossy black cat with a little white patch on his front. Granite is a beautiful dilute torbie.

Both of these kittens are bold, friendly, outgoing, and playful. They will happily amuse each other for hours, but they also love human company and will curl up on your feet or lap and purr like mad. They’re afraid of nothing, so make sure your doors are closed and your house is kitten-proofed.

They’re great with their litter box and friendly with other cats and with all people, even strangers. They’d love a household where they get tons of attention. They will need plenty of supervision while they are little and get into trouble as all kittens can.

A cat tree and lots of toys will round out a blissful life for these sweet kittens.

They should do well with respectful kids and other cat-friendly animals.

Adoption fee: $350


CMCR #2098


DSH - Black, brown and white tabby

Approximate Age: 12 weeks old as of September 7, 2022

Date Available: NOW through the Foster to Adopt Program while Penelope awaits her spay appointment.

Meet Penelope, a shy little snuggle bug of a kitten. She is a tabby with beautiful shades of black and browns.

Penelope is a cautiously, curious kitten who loves a good snuggle. She is also play and loves her toys.

Penelope is still nervous around people and household activities, but lots of love and cuddles from her new family will help her adapt.

Penelope loves her food and has mastered the litter box.

Penelope will prefer a more calm home with sunny window and a family that lets her move around freely but keeps her inside where she is safe.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2081


DSH - Gray and Black Striped Tabby

Approximate Age: 12 weeks old as of August 30, 2022

Date Available: NOW through the Foster to Adopt Program while Teak awaits his neuter appointment.

Teak is the quintessential kitten, super playful and fun. He loves his foster cat family. He gets very excited for snack time and enjoys napping in the sun. He is a kitty in need of a fun playmate to cuddle, chase and wrestle with.

Teak is a cuddly kitten that would fit into a family with respectful kids as he loves lots of cuddles and pets.

Adoption fee: $175

Friend & Hedgehog (BONDED PAIR)

CMCR #2082 & 2083

Male brothers

Friend - DSH - Gray, Tan and Black Striped Tabby

Hedgehog - DSH - Orange and White Tabby

Approximate Age: 13 weeks old as of September 4th, 2022

Date Available: NOW through the Foster to Adopt Program while Friend & Hedgehog awaits their neuter appointments.

Friend and Hedgehog do everything together. They play, sleep, and generally go through the day in the company of the other.

Friend is such a sweet love muffin. He love to snuggle with both humans and with other cats. He is playful, but what he really loves the most is cuddle time.

Hedgehog is shy, yet very sweet. He has the sweetest face and roundest eyes. He loves belly rubs and snack time.

These brother's future home would be calm, quiet and peaceful. Loud noises are a bit scary so a mellow home is best.

Adoption fee: $350