Available Adoptions

These cats are available to adopt. For information and instructions please see the main Adoptions page.


CMCR 851


Medium hair black

Age: Approximately 3 years old as of August 3, 2020

Date Available: NOW - available at PetSmart 9450 SE 82nd Ave Portland

Orchid is very loving - enjoying frequent attention and petting, although she isn't a very cuddly cat. She follows her person around wanting to be where the action is! If her person likes to sit outside or do garden work, Orchid will be nearby.

She tolerates other animals but doesn't seem to enjoy interacting with them. Orchid enjoys being at a window to look out and seems to like the outside so does try to get out. She does get upset in small confined spaces - it must make her feel claustrophobic

Adoption Fee: $100


CMCR 618


Medium hair grey tabby

Age: Approximately 15 months as of  September 18, 2020  

Date Available: NOW

Do you live in a tiny house/small apartment/bedroom? Or do you want cute and fuzzy company at your computer all day while you work? We have the perfect small-space love-bug for you! 

Bonnie is a petite and sweet young lady that’s ready to settle down in a smaller space where she can’t easily hide. She gave birth to the coolest and most amazing kittens several months back and now we are looking for someone who will be patient with her delicate sensibilities and help her relive her childhood (as she was a teen mom). 

You’ll get back what you put into this one, so you’ll have to do a little work at the jump, but once she trusts you she will ask for pets and scratches-and lots of ‘them- which will be your pleasure because not only will you get the instant gratification of her loud purr and enthusiastic headbutts but her fur happens to feel like smooth silk made from baby angels. She is bad at catching moving things like toys but she loves to try, and that’s funny. When she does meow it’s tiny and cute. She loves a little cat house, but she also loves a desk and a windowsill. 

She is kind-natured and unpretentious so you don’t have to worry about her judging you. She’s sensitive to strong smells which is pretty endearing. 

Her current foster has a big dog, a little dog, adult cats, and a revolving door of foster kittens so having roommates won’t be new to her. If you happen to have a secure and manly Tom-cat that struts around she will likely fall in love with him and glue herself to him. Metaphorically of course. 

It’s difficult to capture how little and cute she is in photos so if you’re almost sold but looks are really important the current foster will send some glamour shots. We want her to find a home but remember cats can live over 20 years so make sure you’re up for the commitment before you adopt such a young babe. --

Adoption Fee: $140


CMCR 799 


Grey tabby

Age: Approximately 13 weeks old as of September 13, 2020 


Date Available: NOW 

Fig is a bit shy and hide if people are up and about. People are so big to small kittens! 

She is quiet and shy and would enjoy a peaceful home. She enjoys her space as well as some good cozy snuggles.  

Fig is Pepper's sister and it would be great for them to go to a home together if possible. 

Adoption Fee: $160


CMCR 800


Black tabby with cream colored stripes

Age: Approximately 13 weeks old as of September 13, 2020 


Date Available: NOW 

Pepper is shy and enjoys her space, however a good belly rub from her human will get her motor running! Pepper would be best suited to a quiet. home.  

Pepper is Fig's sister and it would be great for them to go to a home together if possible. 

Adoption Fee: $160

Russi and Zuchi

CMCR 865 & 862


Tabby and tabby with white

Age: Approximately 3 months old as of September 11, 2020

Date Available: NOW

These super soft and sweet boys love being brushed. However, you have to catch them first!! Zuchi is the adventurous one and Russi likes to hide - but put them together and it's wrestling time. They like small toys and catnip, hidey spots and a place to be away from noise.If you want to stay up all night listening to them play just give them a few balls with bells and let them go!

These boys will need a quieter household with little to no chaos. They are timid and very shy but oh so fun once they are comfortable. They should be okay with sweet and gentle cat but a barking dog would be very scary. The quieter house, the better.

Russi and Zuchi would fit into a tiny house or very small apartment as they are hiders. One you are petting them - they love it, but instincts tell them to run away from people that are moving around. A small space will be ideal to help the kittens know people are fun and safe even when they aren't getting brushes or pets.

This bonded pair of cuteness are available now.

Adoption Fee: $320


CMCR 860



Age: Approximately 4 years old as of September 3, 2020 


Date Available: NOW

Harley is a sweet and shy kitty. She was an indoor companion for 4 years until things fell apart for her human.

Harley will need her human to patient and give her time to learn to trust someone new. She is a sweetheart who likes to play and can be won over with the right treats and play toys. She like to be pet and talked to and can often be found playing in the night. 

Harley is a sweet lap kitty once she gets comfortable in her new home. 

Adoption Fee: $100


CMCR 595


Grey tabby

Age: Approximately 2 years old as of May 10, 2020 


Date Available: NOW

Mystic is a very sweet girl. She was surrendered to us from someone who was moving and could not take her along. It took several weeks for Mystic to even think about trusting us, but when she did, we realized what a complete love she is.  She would be best as an only cat in the home. 

Here are a list of things that Mystic likes according to her foster mom:

-She loves to watch birds, if she has a balcony, that's even better. 

- A secret hiding place to use for naps or to hide from strange visitors and dogs. 

- Getting brushed. 

- Following her human around. 

- Treats. 

- For playtime she likes to chase a laser dot, throw a toy around or bat at one of her toys. 

- She also likes to zoom around a couple of times a day. 

She is shy initially but once she is comfortable she has no problem being the center of attention. 

Adoption Fee: $100

Venda & Sage

CMCR 724 & 788


Tabby & white tabby

Age: Approximately 1.5 years and 7 weeks old as of September 8, 2020

Date Available: NOW

Venda will soon be done raising her babies and can settle into a home where she can love and be loved. Venda is a shy, sweet and expressive cat. She is mature, but still likes to play on occasion. She likes sitting in windows and napping, but she also likes to check in with people to get pets and kisses on the head. Venda does not have any behavioral problems - although she does like to scratch on things, so she would do well with some good strong scratching posts/structures.  

Venda has always been close to her babies and really enjoys their company. Her foster mom really feels it is in her best interest to be adopted with her baby, Sage. Sage is a sweet, dainty and playful kitten that will very much enjoy a home with her mother. She like likes a warm lap and a soft bed. She is a little shy but warms up with quickly familiar people. These two would do best in a more quiet home without a lot of activity. 

Adoption Fee: $340

Sope and Tachos

CMCR 789 & 795



Age: Approximately 8 weeks old as of September 8, 2020

Date Available: COMING SOON

Adoption Fee: $320