These cats have found their fur-ever home!

The cats and kittens below have found their forever home. Each adoption is a celebration, so we are saving them here as a reminder of why we do what we do!


CMCR #2057


Orange Tabby

Approximate Age: 3 months old as of September 1st, 2022 

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Aphrodite love cuddles and being petted. She will move away if you reach for face first but loves back scrunches and belly rubs. She especially likes to be held like a baby.

She likes to hide in small places and under the bed and will take some time to adjust in her new home. As long as you are patient with her, she is sure to charm her way into your heart.

Aphrodite has a beautiful orange coat and soft meow. She can be pretty talkative during food times and is a sleepy kitty, and likes sunbathing.

She is still a kitten that goes zoomies for the laser pointer, and likes strings to play with.

Aphrodite has grown up with her siblings and a chill dog and cuddles with them. We think she would do well with other animals with a slow introduction, and would like a friend in their forever home. She is receptive to other people and children but will take time to warm up. 

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2088


Domestic Medium Hair - Black and White Tuxedo

Age: Approximately 7.5 months old as of August 10th, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Chibu is a sweet kitty that likes having her own personal space. She can be a bit shy at first, but when she warms up to you, she will come out and cry for attention. She isn’t fond of loud noises and would need a patient home for her to get comfortable where her people are home a lot.

Given some time, Chibu will show her affection and trust. Her ideal home will be calm, predictable and quiet. She isn't very playful, but would love some string or a wand toy to play with. She is a lovely kitten deserving of a safe and loving forever home.

Chibu has great litter box manners, and is an great about covering up her stuff, so a tall sided box for when she flicks her litter is recommended.

Chibu is in need of a kitten friend, she craves attention from her humans and has lived with other cats. But because Chibu is skittish to loud noises and fast environments, we think she would need a quiet home without dogs or children, unless they were calm, quiet, and mature. 

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2078


DSH - Black and White Tuxedo

Polydactyl- extra toes all 4 paws

Age: Approximately 1.5 years old as of July 19th, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Mitties is a follower and a talker, he wants to be near you, especially in the bathroom, he does his own thing usually, but always loves pets, will tolerate being picked up, eats kitty food only, loves kiddos (but older is better for him) he doesn’t like yelling, fast movements, or loud noises.

He has a lovely purr that he provides when you cuddle him

Adoption fee: $165


CMCR #2089


DLH – Tabby

Approximate Age - 3.5 months as of September 15, 2022

Available – ADOPTED!

I am easygoing and affectionate, with a sweet calm vibe. Sometimes I insist on laying in your lap.

I am used to playing with the 4 other kittens that I was rescued with, so would love to go to a family where I can have a play companion since I love to romp, wrestle and chase. I am a quiet kitty, not a talker.

I will love to sleep with you and hang out with you while you watch TV.

Adoption Fee: $175


CMCR #2052


DMH - Tuxedo

Age: Approximately 14 weeks old as of August 24, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Banyan is like a branch in the water; he just goes with the flow. Even in moments of chaos, he walks around in a Zen-like state. Apart from being easy going, he loves to get pets and make friends with all the other foster kittens. His purr engine revs into full gear as soon as he feels your hand, and then he rolls over so he can look your eyes while he is being pet or talked to. We haven’t decided whether we love his dreamy eyes or his mile long whiskers more.

When he is running around, he likes to go spend time with the younger foster kittens. He gives them baths and teaches them how to play. He is just a social and happy little guy that is litter box and scratching post trained.

Forever home: Because Banyan is easy going, he would do well in most homes. He’d love to be in a home with another friendly cat, his siblings, or even foster kittens. He would also do well with respectful children and possibly a calm dog.

Adoption fee: $175

Dusty & Springfield

CMCR # 1787 & 1786

Sister & Brother

DSH - Black

Approximate Age - Approximately 10 months old as of September 7th, 2022

Available: ADOPTED!

Dusty and Springfield are an adorable duo. This brother and sister set are playful and sweet. They are always with each other and very much are bonded.

Dusty is a bit more shy around people, though she likes to be nearby keeping an eye on things. She is not a huge fan of being held yet, but is learning to trust day by day and getting more comfortable with it.

Springfield is much more outgoing and loves a good neck scratch. He is more of the leader and helps to bring his sister, Dusty, out of her shell.

They both have energy that explodes throughout the day as they get zoomies and often around after each other and the house. They love tussling and playing and seem like they have endless spirit some days. After a good romp they gaze out the windows watching squirrels and birds and taking a snooze.

This pair is a little fairly wary of new sounds and people, and will need a patient home as they warm up to the new environment. Dusty and Springfield's ideal home will be predictable home with preferably no children. They will be perfect for someone wanting independent kitties that are fun and playful, with each other to entertain, and a kind human(s).

Adoption fee: $280

Kai TN

CMCR #2010


Blue Point Siamese Mix

Age: Approximately 11 weeks as of June 14, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Kai is all the way from Tennessee. Oh my goodness, Kai is the most snuggly kitten! She would be happy to be held all day! Her blue eyes are absolutely gorgeous. She is truly a special soul.

Kai has been around small, docile dogs and would be fine with a gentle introduction. She would enjoy a kitty playmate, but also really loves to cuddle her people so a family that’s home a lot is what Kai needs most. A family to share her day with as well as her nights. She would be happy in most any mellow home full of love and laps.

Adoption fee: $250


CMCR #1994


Approximate Age: 4 months as of August 24, 2022.

DSH - Gray and White Tabby

Available : ADOPTED!

Meet Badger! This short-haired little man will light up your life with energy and joy. He is playful, athletic, and confident, but he also loves company and will call out to you to join him in his adventures. 

When he isn't snuggling up next to you, he will be proudly parading his toys around the house. He gets along great with other cats and will likely make friends with other animals too if given a proper introduction. This affectionate, spunky lad is the perfect complement to any household!

Badger will want a pet playmate or an attentive family that has lots of time to dedicate to Badger.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2067


Grey and White Tabby

Age: Approximately 4 years old 

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Seraphina is an independent cat that likes to have attention on her terms. She likes to be petted most any time and when she is in the mood, she enjoys being held. She enjoys looking outdoors and having a cat tree to lounge in. She really likes to be the only cat in the house but can tolerate another cat depending on it’s personality. Just don’t expect her to be friends with any other cat.

Seraphina is a companionable kitty who enjoys sitting near her people while they work, watch TV or read.

She just finished raising a litter of kittens before being spayed. She was a great and protective mom cat. She and her litter were found as strays outdoors but Seraphina has very good house and litter box manners.

Adoption fee: $130


CMCR #1927


Medium-Haired Dilute Torti

Age: Approximate 12 weeks as of June 10th, 2022

Date Available : ADOPTED!

Ginny is the sweetest cuddle bug, playful and mellow at the same time. She has the loudest purr in the world, and if you sit down she will notice and get into your lap. She enjoys lounging on the book you’re trying to read. She will even climb onto your computer to be with you. In fact, right now she’s helping write this bio!

Ginny loves to play. She likes to climb the couch and cat tree with her sisters. Her favorite toys are the ones that roll so she can chase them, but she also loves toys that she can run and grab. After playing she will happily curl up for a nap in your arms, on your chest, or on your shoulder. She likes to be on your shoulder while you do dishes or other chores.

Her personality is calm and friendly, and she would do well in a moderately lively environment where her people are around a lot - she loves to be with people! She likes to play with other kitties, and would enjoy a kitty friend in her forever home. Perhaps one of her sisters? She does well with dogs with a proper introduction.

Ginny is an all-around confident little gal. She has a friendly face and sometimes it looks like she is smiling!

Adoption fee: $200


CMCR #1962


DSH - Black

Age: Approximately 11 weeks as of June 14, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Bea is a sweet little ball of the silkiest fur and a soft downy undercoat. Of her litter, she is the tiniest and the mightiest. She is adorably curious and so smart. After a little bit of adventure, Bea becomes the perfect cuddle bug. Bea gets along with everyone including other cats and dogs in her foster home.

Bea would do okay in a high energy environment as long as the children are older kids who know how to handle kittens as she is tiny and can be hurt easily. She is the least scared of new things and is always exploring. Bea would like a gentle kitty playmate in her new home.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #1273


DSH - Gray Tabby

Age: Approximately 22 months old as of August 14th, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Johnnie is the most affectionate gentle cat. He just wants to be with his human. He enjoys sitting on your lap or just cuddling up next to you. He will kiss you and tell you how much he loves you.

Johnnie was diagnosed with FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease). This is managed by providing him with a canned (wet) food diet. Hills C/D or Purina SO are excellent ones as they are specifically formulated to keep the correct urinary tract pH. He has not had any further problems in the last few months. He has been using his litter box at all times.

Johnnie will do best as an only cat in a home where he will get lots of love and attention. He can be left alone during the day but will want to have your attention and be close to you the rest of the time. He will be your best friend. If you want a cuddle buddy, Johnnie is the one for you.

Adoption fee: $95


CMCR #1437


DSH - Gray and White Tuxedo

Age: Approximately 2 years old as of July 14th, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Lynnie is a very sweet girl. She loves to be petted and will curl her head into your hand. She doesn't like to be held, and needs a predictable environment. We are confident that once she is comfortable and feels safe that she will bloom out of her shell. She spends her time observing and is curious but cautious. She can be found in a window seal watching what's going on outside.

Lynnie would like a quiet home, that is predictable. She gets along with other cats, but a feline companion is not a must in a new home.

Adoption fee: $150


CMCR #2054


DMH - Black

Age: Approximately 14 weeks old as of August 24, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Oleander is the baby of the litter. He loves to be coddled, and we all coddle him. When we pet him, he throws a little party. He rolls about every which way while waving his paws in the air, purring, and making biscuits. We also pick him up and put him in our arms and rock

and sing to him like a little baby. If you have a rocking chair, he’d love you forever.

Apart from being affectionate, Oleander is very calm, gentle, and well behaved. He is litterbox and scratching post trained and stays off kitchen counters.

Forever home: Oleander would do well in a quiet home with just a few calm people, pets, or respectful children (even young children) to love and coddle him. He’d be happy to be adopted with his mother, Magnolia, or another sibling. He will want a kitty friend unless his people are always home and leave the bedroom doors open for Oleander to follow his family around. He is very people connected.

Adoption fee: $175

Mama Magnolia

CMCR #2051


DSH - Black and White Tuxedo

Age: Approximately 1 year and 2 months old as of August 24th, 2022

Date Available:  ADOPTED!

Key Traits: Sweet, affectionate, friendly, playful

Right from the start Mama Magnolia was friendly and affectionate. She ran up to her new foster mom for pets as soon as she walked into the room. She does this sweet gesture where she puts her head in your hand and then turns her head to twist around and flop on the floor. She then props her front legs up so you can massage her arms and belly. It’s not a trap! She loves belly rubs.

Other times, she races to the top of her cat tree so she can rub her nose against yours. She also loves to sleep on the bed where she likes to rest her paw on her people.

Forever home: Magnolia needs a home where she can be a part of the family life. She will want to also want to sleep with her family at night. She’d be happy to go with one of her babies, but she should be fine with another friendly cat.

Adoption fee: $165


CMCR #2053


DSH - White

Age: Approximately 1 year 2 months old as of September 1st, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

NOW available at Happy Valley PetSmart, 9450 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR

Angel is a very friendly cat and was a great mother to her kittens.

But now that her kittens are weaned, it is Angel's time to shine and find her forever home.

She is affectionate and cuddly with people, but needs to remain in a single cat household. She is curious and likes to explore.

Angel needs a home with no other cats, she did well with her kittens, but has not had good experiences with any other felines. We don't know how she would do with dogs, but we think she would prefer to be the only pet. She would love to be pampered and get all the attention. 

Adoption fee: $165


CMCR #2063


DLH - Tabby / Maine Coon Mix

Age: Approximately 3 months old as of August 14th, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Are you ready to fall in love? Turtle is fluffy, cuddly and playful, and loves everyone and everything! He is the biggest of his siblings and is medium to long-haired so he will need regular grooming.

 Turtle would love an older kitty playmate that would groom and cuddle him, and he likes small dogs!

Turtle will prefer a more calm and predictable home.

Adoption fee: $250


CMCR #2102


DSH - Calico

Age: Approximately 1.5 years old as of July 23, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Mari is a gorgeous, green-eyed calico kitty who is a very special and strong girl. She had a really rough life prior to rescue. She comes from rural Tennessee where she was hit by a car and sustaining some serious injuries ending in a total front leg and a partial tail amputation. While healing, she found love in her foster home.

Once Mari learned what love was, she became over the moon with it! Mari wants to be with her human all the time; cuddling, petting, lap sitting and sleeping in the bed with them. She isn’t too keen on pet siblings of any kind as this takes away from her attention. She will be the perfect lap cat.

Mari isn’t a wall flower. She has many skills and can get around quite well. She like her cat tree and wants it placed by the window for sunbathing. She is able to maneuver her tree, even as a tripod kitty.

Mari must always be an indoor-only kitty for her safety.

Adoption fee: $165

Wolfgang and Riley (BONDED PAIR)

CMC# 1960 and #1961

Male brothers

DSH – Striped Tabbies

Approximate Age: 13 weeks old as of July 5th,2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Wolfgang and Riley are bonded brothers - essentially the perfect kitten times 2. Loving and playful with each other and their people, these two have done everything together since birth and they both have plenty of love to go around.

Get ready for cuddles to be a big part of the day with these two when they’re done playing. Wolfgang and Riley also get along with everyone including other cats and dogs as well. Wolfgang especially is so patient, both these sweet boys are just so happy to be a part of a family.

These kittens are super fast and playful and will need to be carefully watch lest they dash out the door accidentally.

Adoption fee: $350

Stella & Flora (BONDED PAIR)

CMCR#1980 & 1978

Female Sisters

Domestic Short Hairs - Grey Tabby & Brown

Age: Approximately 10 weeks as of June 20th, 2022

Available: ADOPTED!

Stella and Flora are the most adorable sisters. Each has her own personality, but they sure love to play and snuggle with each other too.

We lovingly call Stella our little fruit bat. Her unusual brown fur makes her just absolutely beautiful! She loves attention and comes running over when she sees you. She loves to climb the cat tree, play in tunnels and chase anything that moves. She has a very curious and sweet personality.

Flora is a darling grey tabby with four white socks. She enjoys exploring, playing and wrestling with her siblings. Her favorite toy is a cat tunnel and any small stuffed catnip toys. She will carry the toy around with her and won’t let her siblings take it away.

These girls are truly bonded and are excited to go home together. They have done well with other cats and small dogs as they love to play play play. These girls would also be okay in a home with well mannered children.

Adoption fee: $350

Honey Bun

CMCR #2084


DLH - Calico

Age: Approximately 14 weeks old as of August 22, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

This kitten is so sweet, she was named Honey Bun! She is a long-haired little lady who is quick to purr and has a quiet, lady-like voice. She is very expressive and loves to use her little paws to communicate with you.

Honey loves people and is extremely social. With her cute nose and soul patch, she is very entertaining. She loves to climb every cat tree in sight and burrows under blankets and boxes. Honey enjoys snuggling when she isn’t focused on playing.

She loves other cats, but needs to always be in a dog-free home as her mother was killed by a dog and she is still scared of them. Honey is the cat that everyone loves, even those who claim not to love cats.

Honey Bun would love to be adopted with her sister, Sugar. If she is an only kitten she will need an attentive family that has an open bedroom door policy as well as someone home to be with her during the day. She wants a very attentive and loving family that will make her a member of the family.

Adoption fee: $175

Fiji and Penny

CMCR #’s 2077 and 2093


Fiji, DSH - Black with white on belly, and Penny, DSH - Gray

Fiji is 11 weeks and Penny is 14 weeks as of August 22,2022

Date Available : ADOPTED!

These kittens met in their foster home and became fast friend and great playmates. They are full of energy and love to run all through their foster room at top speed. Both are very sweet and love attention. They love their cat tree; playing chase and jumping from tier to tier. Toys are a must for these two kittens. Both love toys that make noise and that they can chase. They enjoy playing hide and seek through the tunnel.

Penny has a loud purr and loves to chill on your lap after playing. She loves cuddles and demands a good head scratch and her ears rubbed. Penny will follow you around and be your sidekick. She enjoys her human time, but also needs a friend to wrestle and chase with. She loves to look outside at the birds or just relax on the window seat to soak up some sun. She loves soft blankets and a very soft kitty bed. Penny gives kisses and wants kisses back.

Fiji has a soft purr and plays hard, but when she’s tired she will come snuggle in your lap next to Penny. Fiji is a pure dare devil that would win kitty Olympics with the flips she does in the air.

 She will army crawl under the tunnel to hide from Penny and then attack. She will attack any wiggly toes and climb your leg to get into your arms. Put your hand under a blanket and Fiji will attack. She is just so full of energy and will make you laugh every day.

These two kittens will give a family a lot of love, joy and laughs.

Both girls have good litter box manners.

Penny and Fiji both have been around a gentle dog and are fine. They would just need to have an appropriate introduction.

Adoption fee: $350

Miss Marie

CMCR #2101


DLH - Chocolate/Black

Age: Approximately 1.5 years old as of July 23, 2022

Date Available: Adopted!

Miss Marie comes from Tennessee and is a perfect combination of energy and calm. She is a quirky kitty with a fun, unique personality. Her former foster mom calls her the board walk cat because she is an expert at flaunting herself.

Marie gets intermittent zoomies out of nowhere that are absolutely hilarious. Her favorite thing is butt scratches. She isn’t huge on being held, but will tolerate it. With that said though, she loves to follow her human everywhere, even to the bathroom. She is so unique and will make someone a great companion.

Oddly enough, Marie absolutely loves small kittens! She does fabulous with them and is a wonderful nurturer. She would make the perfect companion and foster caregiver to a family that fosters younger kittens on a regular basis.

Marie can entertain herself, but likes to know what her human is up too. This isn’t a kitty that wants to be left alone all day. She loves to be involved in the household activities.

Little children and dogs make Miss Marie nervous, so a more calm home without dogs and with older children would be best.

She has perfect litter box manners!

Adoption fee: $165


CMCR #2100


DSH - Calico

Age: Approximately 1.5 years old as of July 23, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Bambi is a lovely outgoing Calico girl from rural Tennessee who is done raising her babies and would like to have a home and family all her own. She is the true definition of a lap cat.

Bambi comes from rural Tennessee where she was left behind when her family moved away. Alone and pregnant, Bambi was fortunate to be rescued and cared for.

Bambi loves attention, laps, sunning on her cat tree, cuddles and kisses. She is content to take a nap on her own, but when Bambi is awake, she want to be with her people. Don’t expect to have any private bathroom time because Bambi considers a closed door an insult and will let you know! Sleeping with her people will bring Bambi lots of joy.

Bambi is happily and indoor kitty and would prefer to be an only pet. She is not fond of dogs and isn’t interested in sharing her world with other cats. She is a bit of an attention hog, so a home where she has to share her favorite people with other pets and small children might not be best. If there are children in the home, we recommend calm, older ones for this girl.

Adoption fee: $165


CMCR 2004 


Orange Tabby

Age: Approximately 2 years old as of August 4th , 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Bucky is such a laid back cat. As long as he has a lap to cuddle in, he is a happy kitty. He can be slightly shy at first, but warms up quickly. He is very passive and extremely sweet. Bucky loves soft beds, a lap to call his own and being carried.

Funny thing about Bucky is that he is so happy-go-lucky that he is totally fine being dressed up with hats and clothes. And even likes being held like a baby.

Bucky is terrified of the outdoors; we do not recommend putting him on a leash or in catio, he needs to be indoor-only at all times.

Bucky really loves to be with his people and having them behind closed doors or away a lot doesn't work for Bucky. He will need to be able to sleep with his people and follow them to other rooms - a real family member.

Bucky gets along with both dogs and cats, but he doesn't necessarily need a 4-legged friend in his forever home, he would be perfectly happy with all the attention as long as his people are attentive to him.

Bucky would be great with kids because of his easy-going attitude and ability to be a puppet for his little humans.

Bucky is a good sized cat who will need an extra large litter box.

Adoption fee: $150

Blue Cheese

CMCR #1973


Domestic Short Hair Grey / Russian Blue Mix

Age: Approximately 7 months as of August 8th, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Blue is a sweet kitty that doesn’t mind having her own personal space. She is an independent kitten. She LOVES to cuddle under blankets. She can be a bit shy at first, but when she warms up to you, you will see she is a fun and playful kitten. She isn’t fond of loud noises and would be most happy as either an only kitten or with a gentle, friendly, passive kitty to companion with.

Given some time, Blue will show her affection and trust. Her ideal home will be calm, predictable and quiet. She would love a kitty tree with a cubby to nap in a sunny spot to bathe in. She is a lovely kitten deserving of a safe and loving forever home.

Blue has great litter box manners.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2090


DSH - Tabby

Age: Approximately 9 months old as of July 25th, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Cocoa is a docile, friendly and playful sweetheart with silky, soft fur. She enjoys pets and scratches on her face/cheeks, neck and chest. She’s an attention seeker and is most happy when she gets lots of attention. She likes to sit next to you and put her paws on your legs. She is a cuddly little girl that enjoys people.

Cocoa is still a kitten even though she has been a mom too. Her babies are ready for adoption and now it is Cocoa’s turn for her family too.

Cocoa loves to play; most toys are fair game and she will play with things that are not toys, so kitty proofing the house is a must! Cocoa loves her vertical scratcher and a kitty tree might be just the thing for scratching, lounging and playing on.

Cocoa has not lived with another cat, but she is very fond of her kittens and loves to play with them. Respectful, older kids are ok and she has done fine with cat-friendly dogs in the past.

Cocoa is a good groomer and has excellent litter box manners.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2062


DMH - Lilac Point Siamese Mix

Age: Approximately 12 weeks old as of August 14th, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Custard is a little, gorgeous floof of a boy. He is full of personality and is as sweet and snuggly as he is playful. An extra bonus is that his fur is exquisitely soft and silky!

Custard would be a wonderful companion in a variety of home situations, but he doesn’t like loud noises. He enjoys the company of other cats and respectful, non-barky dogs. We think Custard is going to be a big boy!

Because his light-colored fur makes him more visible to predators, we do recommend he be a permanently indoor-only kitty.

Adoption fee: $250


CMCR #1879


DSH - Black

Age: Approximately 2 years old as of July 30th, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Cheshire is a shy but sweet kitty who loves all other cats. He’s playful and non-aggressive.

He does like to hide and is very skittish at first, so needs a patient home with some place for him to hide out and gradually get used to things. He’d do best in a household with other friendly cats and calm, quiet humans (and maybe other animals, but that hasn’t been tested).

When he starts to trust you, he will be your shadow and cuddle up with a terrific big purr.

Cheshire has great litter box manner and would be a great kitty for a person who works during the day and wants companionship after work.

Adoption fee: $165

Grayce & Alice (Bonded Pair) 

CMCR #2091 & 2092


Grayce, DSH - Gray with Tortoiseshell Markings

Alice, DMH -Calico

Age: Approximately 4 months old as of July 22nd, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Grayce and Alice are sisters that really enjoy each other’s company. They have watched their littermate go to their own homes and have become very close and protective of each other during this transition.

Alice has the softest, most luxurious fur that will need brushing to keep away the mats - it is quite thick! She is an attention seeker and loves human interaction, but will need some time and patience as she warms up to her new family. Once comfortable, she will seek out face rubs and cuddles and will purr in pleasure.

 Alice is also an adventurous explorer, so kitten proofing and supervision with this little one will be a must while she is in this adorable, exploratory kitten stage.

Grayce has the most unusual coloring; mostly gray with some dilute tortoiseshell markings. She is very sweet and will snuggle up with her people when she is sleepy, after a good play and romp session with her sister. She is a rough play partner, but is learning not to hurt when she plays, Alice won’t put up with that! It is important not to finger play with the kittens as they learn not to bite. Grayce is very food motivated and loves her treats! She also is cautious of new people and will need some adjustment time with her new home a family.

These are indoor-only kittens as they would have no skills outside. A cat harness or catio can give these girls the outdoor experience while still being safe.

Neither have met dogs or other cats. Both are great letterbox users.

Adoption fee: $350


CMCR #1964


Domestic Short Hair Grey 

Age: Approximately 11 weeks old as of June 20, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Nomi is silly and sweet and as lovable as they come. As a baby, she looked like the tiniest of teddy bears - so cute it was hard to believe she was real. Always sweet and thoughtful, Nomi loves to play with you, her toys, your feet, or just take a nap until there’s time to play and cuddle. Nomi gets along with everyone including other cats and dogs in her foster home.

Nomi is a calmer more low key kitten though of course she still loves to play. She would be most happy in a house that wasn’t too high energy with a kitty sister for companionship. Please consider her litter sister Bea, they are quite close.

Adoption fee: $175


Maeve & Patrick (BONDED PAIR) 

CMCR #2011 & 2023

Female & Male

Maeve - DSH - Tortoiseshell

Patrick - DSH - Gray Tabby w/White

Age: Approximately 5 months old as of August 15, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Maeve and Patrick both are major lap cats and will jump on your lap as soon as you sit down, and take naps with you. They love their people, but they are still kittens and love the attention of each other to play. 

Maeve is independent, curious, fearless and friendly with anyone. She is a beautiful tiny tortie with a big heart. She is elegantly maintained with her coat cleaning, and is excited to go home with her brother to be able to play with for life. 

Patrick will love windows to watch birds from and a lovely tall kitty tower to play and nap on. He loves to wrestle and play, so having Maeve as a wrestling buddy is a must! He loves to splash in his water dish and pounce on anything he thinks might make a good toy.

This pair loves other cats, especially each other, may be ok with nice dogs, and definitely love people. They want a quieter home, as loud noises can scare these little kittens, and want their people to be home a lot and leave their door open for sleeping and cuddles at night. 

Patrick can be a bit of a mischief maker but he listens, so if you tell him 'no' once, especially with scratching, it will stop immediately. They both have excellent litter box manners.

Adoption fee: $350 / pair


CMCR #2117


DSH - Gray Tabby

Age: Approximately 4 months old as of July 23, 2022

Date Available:  ADOPTED!

Zee is a very sweet kitten. This little guy became a bottle baby when he and his siblings were orphaned when their feral mom was killed. He comes from rural Tennessee where life is pretty rough for many kitties.

Because Zee was a bottle baby, he is very affectionate. With that said, he’ gets energetic bursts of hyper-activeness. He really is a lot of fun, and hilarious to watch. He will need an attentive family as well as a kitty playmate that can match his energy and playfulness and enjoy the rambunctious romping. He loves his brother Silvester. This busy little boy will need supervision during the day until he matures a bit and grows out of his mischievous playfulness.

Zee has a cute little bobtail that just adds to his unique adorableness.

Zee has wonderful litter box manners.

Favorites: Zee loves his scratch post, running, playing with noise making toys, wrestling with his siblings, and cushy beds.

He is a bit afraid of dogs - mostly due to limited exposure. With his personality, we’re confident he could co-exist with a docile dog.

Zee can be shy with new people and places at first, but he will warm up quickly into a sweet, fun, little bundle of energy.

Zee would be unsafe outside as he has not experienced it in his memory He needs to be indoors-only unless on a harness.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2118


DSH - Gray Tabby

Age: Approximately 4 months old as of July 23, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Silvester is a very sweet kitten. This little guy became a bottle baby when he and his siblings were orphaned when their feral mom was killed. He comes from rural Tennessee where life is pretty rough for many kitties.

Silvester is also a mellow, playful kitten that is fun-loving and outgoing. He thrives on attention. He can be a tad shy with new people and situations, but he will warm up very quickly, once he gets the lay of the land.

Silvester will need a playmate kitten, especially if his family are gone during the day. He needs stimulation and activity and would love a chasing, romping, climbing and napping buddy. His brother is Zee. He would enjoy being adopted with him.

Silvester is so laid-back that we do not recommend toddlers in his home because he might get hurt. He just goes with the flow.

Silvester has a cute little bobtail that just adds to his unique adorableness. He has wonderful litter box manners.

Silvester is a bit afraid of dogs - mostly due to limited exposure. With his personality, we’re confident he could co-exist with a docile dog.

Silvester would be unsafe outside as he has not experienced it in his memory He needs to be indoors-only unless on a harness.

Favorites: Silvester loves his scratch post and hammock, running, playing with all toys, and soft blankets.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2112


DSH - Black

Age: Approximately 4 months old as of July 23, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Brooks is an adorable, outgoing kitten that loves people of all ages and does well with small children as well. He loves a busy active household with people, cats and even friendly dogs. He does not need dogs or children, but he will need lots of interactive play from his humans as well as a kitten playmate to play chase with romp, and climb with. He would enjoy being adopted with his litter mate, Dolly.

Brooks does the cute little head tilt when you speak to him. He loves people and really enjoys his siblings. His play is hilarious to watch! He also enjoys his cat tree, blankets, toys if all kinds, playing with his siblings, being cuddled, and nap time! He would enjoy open interior doors so he can sleep with his family.

Brooks would be unsafe outside as he has never experienced it. He needs to be indoors-only unless on a harness.

Adoption fee: $175

Milo & Louie (BONDED PAIR)

CMCR#1977 & 1976

Male Brothers

Domestic Short Hairs - Grey & Brown Tabbly

Age: Approximately 13 weeks as of July 10, 2022

Available: ADOPTED!

Milo and Louie are two snuggly and playful boys who can't wait to go home together. They love to run around the house and play and then crush out snuggled together.

Louie is the comedian of the group. He makes us laugh daily with his goofy antics. He is very energetic and loves to play with wand toys, tunnels and anything that he can chase and pounce on.

Milo is a total sweetheart! He has a loud purr and an easygoing personality. Once he is done playing he loves to find a cozy lap to snuggle on. 

They are social boys who like other cats and small dogs. They are curious about their canine friends and follow them around. They are also great with kids.

Adoption fee: $350


CMCR #2106


DSH - Black

Age: Approximately 4 months old as of August 4th, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Shelton is a sweet , playful kitten that is a good mixture of kitten fun and calm. Shelton was born in rural Tennessee and was raised by two feral mothers with joined litters. The babies were taken in and tamed after the feral mothers were spayed.

Shelton was the most reserved of his siblings. He can be a little shy at first, but warms up quickly, when he gets used to his people and surroundings.

He would LOVE a confident, gentle and welcoming kitty playmate, or to be adopted with another kitten. A calm home without small, children or dogs would be best for Shelton;. A home where he is safe indoors and is a part of daily activities and can sleep with his family at night.

Shelton loves toy mice, any type of strings, (you'll need to kitten-proof your house), a playmate, scritches and pets, kitty towers and hideaway beds.

Shelton has great litter box manners.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2113


DSH - Black

Age: Approximately 4 months old as of July 27, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Dolly is a fun, active little girl. She loves to run and play with her siblings. She is also hilarious! She has so much personality and she will hide to jump out at you!!! Her foster mom swears she is trying to scare her!

Dolly will want to be a big part of her family’s world. She needs to be involved in play, tv time, sleep and all indoor activities. She will also need a kitty friend; like her sibling, Brooks, or another friendly and playful kitty. Dolly will need supervision at this stage of her life. She can be pretty busy and tends to play herself into trouble. As she ages and matures, this will lessen.

Dolly gets along well with other cats and dogs, as long as they are friendly.

Favorites: Playing with her siblings, toys, her scratch post, toys that make noise, and strings.


Dolly would be unsafe outside as she has never experienced it. She needs to be indoors-only unless on a harness.

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2121


DLH - Smoke

Age: Approximately 3 months old as of July 23, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Aretha has a big personality and a talker. She’s outgoing but reserved.

Aretha loves attention, being held, playing with all her toys and lots of human interaction. Aretha likes to climb up her cat tree to sunbath in the warm sunshine.

Aretha can be an only kitten or with a friendly little playmate that will share her humans attention.  She loves laying on your lap for her ears to get rubbed or just pets. 

She has good litter box manners.

She would be ok with a dog if given an appropriate introduction. 

Adoption fee: $175


CMCR #2120


DSH - Brown Bulls Eye Tabby / Bobtail

Age: Approximately 3 months old as of July 23, 2022

Date Available: ADOPTED!

Keeley is a sweet and energetic kitten.  She loves to run and jump all over.  She can be a little overbearing, so she will need a playmate that can stand on their own or be adopted with her sister Kira.  

Keeley loves jump up into your lap to snuggle.  She loves to be on your shoulder and make biscuits on your head. She will also talk to you and will roll all over your feet and maybe have a little nibble on your toes. 

Kelley loves attention, being held, played with by her humans, playing with toys of all kinds, especially noise makers. Just shake a ball and she will come running. 

Keeley enjoys sunbathing on a cat tree in front of a window. Loves soft blankets and beds for that much needed cat naps.

She has good litter box manners.

She is nervous around dogs, but could adjust with slow introduction

Adoption fee: $175